About Birdie

Jayne (Birdie) Aston is an artist who implements beautiful color combinations to create abstract wall art. With an eye for symmetry and balance and using acrylics, watercolors, string, sand and other ordinary mediums, Birdie is able to stir the imagination of her art’s observers.

Birdie was an awkward teenager and had low self-esteem until her favourite art teacher in high school taught her some wonderful techniques and encouraged her gift. As a result, Birdie has been nurturing her gift for over 50 years and has branched out to other forms of art.

Using everything from beach glass to Swarovski to semi-precious stones, she creates jewelry for work, for a night out at the club and for elegant evening wear. The wire- work on her pendants is intricate and beautiful enough for any taste. Crafting jewellery for little girls with Swarovski pearls and crystals just adds to her joy of the art.

Birdie takes ordinary, plain wooden boxes and transforms them, using paint, paper, fabric, felt, silk flowers and jewels, into showpieces for the home or office.

She had a car accident in 2017 and broke her back. Birdie will tell you this was a fortuitous event in her life because now she is able to spend much of her time doing what she loves best. Creating. As a result, she founded Birdie’s boutique in 2018.

Birdie says she will continue to learn new techniques and continue to strive for perfect artistic balance.